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Giving an adequate and customized response is much more important than the review itself. The statistics say that any brand should respond to 40% of their online reviews in order to optimize the conversion of their website visitors to customers. The responses must be formal and customized. The team that developed the Revuow had two clear goals: Increase the revenue of the customer in long term and save costs by freeing the manager to do more creative work.

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It takes 8 minutes on average to formulate a professional and customized response to an online review by a professional, and it takes 10 seconds with Revuow. Search engines such as Google, Tripadvisor and Bing love professional responses to reviews. Revuow enables you to respond to each topic in a review according to the sentiment of the customer. Revuow helps you to convert more website visitors to potential customers.


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Since 2019, Revuow has transformed the way people respond to Online Reviews. We had a vision to make review response process fast, professional and search-engine optimized. The users of Revuow benefit from state-of-the-art AI technology to rank better in search engines and to optimize revenue through direct booking on their website as well as more direct calls to their business. Our team of experts have worked tirelessly on the vision, to make managers,front-desk staff and anyone who has the responsibility to respond to online reviews more productive. We reached this vision by carefully crafting our App to give the users what they’ve always wanted — the chance to go AI with everything they do.


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BERATICS is a technology company that focuses on developing the best natural language apps on the market. Since its inception in February 2019, the company focuses on developing and improving its core product Revuow.

BERATICS is a Spinoff of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.

Revuow creates at least 5 different response to any review! Choose the one that you love most!

Revuow creates responses in 13 languages!

How to respond to online reviews?

Revuow creates at least 5 different response to any review! Choose the one that you love most!

Revuow creates responses in 13 languages!

With Revuow it takes seconds to respond to any review!